Covenant Life is a three-hour micro-class that is offered occasionally throughout the year.

In the first part of the class, you learn about the covenants God has made. In the second part, you learn what that means for our life at Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

Topics include:

  • why we have church membership
  • the expectations of church membership
  • our doctrinal distinctives
  • why we worship the way we do
  • how our church is run
  • the history of our church
  • how to grow as a disciple at Covenant

You’ll also receive interesting readings and opportunities to ask your questions.

Who Should Come

  • Anyone who has taken Christianity Explored
  • Anyone desiring or exploring church membership at Covenant
  • Anyone who would like to hear a fresh overview of what God is doing at Covenant and wants to learn how to participate

To join or learn about the next class, let us know at