When you visit the church and worship with us, you enter into the space where God, in Christ, is at work among his people. You come into the place where God is leading, growing, shaping, and blessing through churchly means like preaching, prayer, and praise.

When you join Covenant as a member, you decide to stay in that space: to belong to a people, a family, a community—a church—where God is at work. If you are looking for a church home, we hope you will consider joining us in following Jesus.

Here is how the membership process works at Covenant.

1. Explore

Christianity Explored. We encourage everyone who is learning or re-learning about Christianity to sign up for Christianity Explored. Christianity Explored is a seven-week class led and hosted by members of our church and will help you clearly understand the basic Christian message: who Jesus is, what he did, and what it means to follow him.

Covenant Life. Covenant Life takes the Christianity Explored course a step further and helps you understand what following Jesus looks like at our church. We’ll teach you about the promises God has made to us and the specific ways we live within and by these promises. We’ll talk about what we believe as a church, how our church is run, and ways you can connect and serve.

2. Profess

Meet with the pastor and elders to tell them that you have found hope in Jesus and want to join the rest of the church in following him.

This is a special and personal meeting where we hear from your heart about how God has been working in your life.

3. Celebrate

During a Sunday morning worship service, you will be given an opportunity to profess your faith, and we will commit to following Jesus together. And, if you are a new Christian, you and your children will be baptized.

Have Questions?

Email us at info@covenantopctucson.org or schedule a phone meeting with the pastor.